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New Teaching Schedule Autumn/Winter 2012

The College is happy to announce the new teaching schedule for Autumn/Winter 2012.  We'll beginning a new series of the much loved Touch for Health programme.  This is a course for anyone who wants a truly life changing experience.  This course can help you balance your kids,  find out what foods are good for them to eat and what ones are best avoided.  It can help you set goals and achieve them, get better results in sporting activities, job satisfaction, and generally improve many area of your life.  See our section on Touch for Health to read more  http://www.kinesiologycollege.com/touchForHealth

We are also including courses for the already experienced kinesiologist out there.  Personality Traits is on of the courses in the Wellness Kinesiology programme,  which has been written by Wayne Topping.  This is a must do course for anyone working with emotions and belief systems.  Prerequisite  Sress release 1 - 4

Clinical Methology (2 weekends) brings lots and lots of new techniques to the experienced kinesiologist.  These techniques can turn your practice from a good practice into a great practice and give you an edge. Not to be missed.

Pathology (2 weekends)  This course is for anyone interested in the body and how it works and how we can help it function at its best.  It combines Anatomy and Physiology with Pathology (diseased state) and Naturopathy to bring about the best quality nutritional information for your clients.  This course covers all 10 systems of the body and their pathological imbalances. 

Here's hoping we'll meet on one of these wonderful weekends.