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Kinesiology College of Ireland

Our New Website

Hello and welcome to our new look website. 

.The college has made a decision fo cease it's two year diploma. After thirteen years of having  wonderful students, there are now practitioners out there of whom I'm immensely proud.Jackie Lysaght, one of our former students is running an excellent two year diploma in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

This is far from being the end of our teaching courses; it now leaves me free to teach many more community courses, such as Touch for Health and Stress Release classes.  We've also had requests to teach mini workshops which are one day or less, such as Kinesiology for Kids (3hrs)  Eat  Right Live Right (3hrs)  Perceptive Vision (3hrs)  Healthy Pets, (7 hrs). 

Wayne Topping is paying us a three day visit in February to teach his course Eight Extra Meridians. In this course you'll learn how to balance all 20 major meridians using indicator muscles for the Eight Extra Meridians. Balancing those muscles with emotions, nutrients, biokinetic exercises, neurolymphatic points, neurovascular holding points, meridians, key points and coupled points.  Learn muscle tests related to hypothalmus, anterior and posterior pitutary, thymus, parathyroid, pineal etc. Prerequisites: Stress Release 1-4 TFH 1-3 and biokinetic exercises.

Touch for Health classes are starting once more, on October 22nd.  I'm delighted to be starting this wonderful fun class again, taught over 4 weekends. If you want to seriously change your health and that of your family, achieve your goals, check for food sensitivities, improve sports performance and effectivly deal with stress, then this is the course for you.  Check out our upcoming courses to book

We are launching a new course for Homeopaths. This is designed to help them use muscle testing effectively to enhance their practice.  It will teach how to ensure the safety of remedies before the client takes them.